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What is public relations

It is what it says: “relationships with publics” - however you wish to define these publics – internal and/or external. Public relations is the distinctive management function which establishes and maintains mutual communication, understanding, acceptance and co-operation between an organisation and its publics.

The benefits of public relations for your company

Communication and public relations elevate a company’s stature through cost effective tools in building reputation, recognition and loyalty in the marketplace. It increases visibility and strengthens links between an organisation, its employees, consumers, communities and partner organisations.

PRISA Public Relations Consultants Chapter

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Levels of professional practice

Use PRISA's registration levels to identify top-notch communicators who will add value to your company's bottom line. This registration system is based on both academic qualifications and experience and practitioners are registered at the level of APR, CPRP or PRP. Pre-professionals register as Associates, Affiliates or Students.

The Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) is a well qualified widely experienced public relations expert with a meaningful understanding of his/her organisation's overall goals and strategies. The APR is able to construct communication strategies in line with corporate goals, manage a department and its budget, evaluate advanced public relations research and communication audits. He/she can provide strategic input to top management - of which he/she is a member, either at executive, board or senior management level.

The Chartered Public Relations Practitioner may write CPRP behind his/her name. The CPRP is able to manage a public relations programme, manage a budget, and advise management on public relations issues affecting the organisation, or the organisations public relations needs.

Public Relations Practitioner (PRP) is the first of three senior registration levels. The PRP can plan, launch and implement communication programmes and undertake a basic evaluation of them.

Associates and Affiliates have recently entered the field of public relations and are qualified for junior practitioner or assistant positions.

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