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PRISM Awards 2017Nomination Procedures
Complete the online nomination form, with the following information:

  • A 1000 word submission of the nominee's experience under the headings:
    • Impact
    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Long-term vision

 See Score Sheet below for more details

  • Three letters of recommendation that address the judging criteria as one pdf.
  • The nominee’s professional resume & headshot.
  • A list of professional association activities and awards, including regional, national and international
  • A list of other activities and awards, including leadership positions held in organisations other than PRISA, and awards received.

Years of Distinguished Service
This award is for lifetime achievement rather than for a single contribution, no matter how monumental. Nominees should have a minimum of 20 years of distinguished service to the public relations and communication management profession and need not be a member of PRISA.

Categories of Distinction
This Lifetime Achievement Award is presented for achievement in leadership, volunteerism, practice/consulting, mentoring, teaching, research and service. Distinction in these categories can be demonstrated through: 

    1. performance of the nominee on the job;
    2. service beyond the requirements of the job at the national/international level;
    3. service to PRISA or other professional body in their field, such as: offices held, committee memberships, special projects, meetings, publications.

Nomination Letter and Supporting Materials

  • Letter of Nomination The letter of nomination should include the name, address, and daytime telephone number of the nominee; the name, address, daytime telephone number, and signature of the nominator; and the names of the authors of letters of recommendation.
  • Resume The nominee's resume should detail education; work experience; service at the national, and international level; publications; talks at conferences; and service to PRISA or other professional organisations.
  • Letters of Recommendation Three letters of recommendation may be included. Each of the categories (leadership, volunteerism, practice/consulting, mentoring, teaching, research and service) should be addressed in at least one of the letters. The nominator may write one of the three letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should focus on the quality rather than the quantity of the performance of the nominee, emphasising the distinction of the nominee's performance.

Judging Criteria
Achievements: Detail the achievements of the nominee and demonstrate how these have advanced the profession of public relations and communication management and its positive visibility.

Contributions to the profession: Document the nominee’s contribution to the development of  “best practices” in public relations and communication management.

Application: Show how the nominee has used public relations concepts and techniques to successfully solve problems or make the most of opportunities.

Awards: List awards and other forms of recognition the nominee has received for public relations and communication management accomplishments.

Service to PRISA or other professional associations in this field: Cite offices, committee assignments, and other examples of the nominee’s service to the professional associations.

Service to professional/other organisations: Explain how the nominee’s involvement in professional and business organisations has advanced the profession of public relations and its visibility.

Service to the community:  Explain any involvement with community activities and/or charities.

Judging Procedures:

Before judges receive the submissions, the PRISM Awards administrator removes all names and replaces them with numbers to ensure anonymity and thus avoid bias and ensure fair judging.

All entries are reviewed and scored by the PRISM judging committee according to the judging criteria above and then approved by the panel of chief judges.

PRISM Lifetime Achievement Criteria - score sheet

Clear, significant and positive impact on the public relations & communication management profession either in the development and growth of the profession, or by affecting positive change through other means

A tangible and scalable improvement to quality and positioning of the profession

Demonstrated commitment to furthering the PR profession as a whole, for example through advocacy, stakeholder engagement, standards development, and so on


Widely recognised as an outstanding and inspirational leader in their field, with much of the impact attributable to this individual having been brought about through other people, as a result of the applicant's leadership.

Founder or leader of initiatives or organisations that have, during the candidate's tenure, had a magnified and significant impact in furthering public relations in South Africa


Clear individual contribution to the development of initiatives with tangible benefits to the industry, including service to a professional body or association

Innovations and / or ideas have been successfully adopted or implemented and have gained real traction within the industry


Long-Term Vision
Clear vision for the long-term future of the public relations profession, which drives on-going work and new initiatives, e.g. Mentorship, research and volunteerism/community service

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