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Internal communication is a key success factor in any business. Mari Lee’s Master Degree research focussed on industry best practise case studies, such as PRISM Awards Campaign Winners, to pin point what works best.

Listen to her key findings and recommendations, including:

  • How to create business value with internal communication
  • The role of research in internal communication
  • Organisational listening and the role of upwards communication flow.

Mari will also share a framework for internal communication developed as an outcome of her research. 


Mari Lee

About the facilitator

Mari Lee is a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner (CPRP) and a globally accredited business communicator (ABC). She uses the power of communication to positively influence change in individuals, companies and communities, achieving business results and social impact. Mari has won numerous international awards for her work as a communication professional, including being recognised as the Best of the Best by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) globally on three occasions (2014, 2016, 2017). Mari uses her experience and foundation in development communication to facilitate critical conversations about what really needs to happen – focussing on the people in the process, rather than simply broadcasting messages.

Research and measuring impact is at the heart of the strategic communication science that Mari has developed into an artful skillset. As an avid implementer of the Asset Based Community Development methodology, Mari facilitate people to understand what they have, and what they can do with it, rather than focussing on problems. She works with a dynamic team of fellow-communicators (all suitably qualified) in DevCom, the communication agency she founded in 2005. DevCom has a colourful personality, and uses the team’s strengths and all their talents to challenge clients’ perceptions and comfort-zones. DevCom is passionately and authentically South African, and are comfortable in the most rural areas of the country, as well as the sophisticated boardrooms, working every day to bridge the communication gap. Mari and her team can assist business leaders to tackle tough human related issues influencing their business, including internal communication and engagement, risk areas in the business, and external stakeholder relations. Mari is an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a mentor, a mentee, a volunteer, a professional and a student – all at once, leaving a lingering rainbow of colour and impact behind as she engages with people in all layers of society.


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