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Synopsis of CPD workshops

Workshops are facilitated by a variety of facilitators, each being an expert in their field or topic. Workshops are open to anyone wishing to attend. However, the following key will help to identify at what level the workshop is aimed:

Basic: Aimed at new graduates or junior staff members.
Intermediate: Aimed at professionals that have reached middle management level.
Advanced: Strategic workshop aimed at senior management level.
All: The purpose of these workshops is to update professionals on new developments or trends in the industry.
Refresher: Will help the experienced professional by stimulating new thinking or encouraging a different approach.

Brand management
This action packed workshop will provide know how and relevant information on building, developing and strengthening your business brand. By utilising the 6 P’s of marketing and by addressing brand and consumer behaviour, you can gain the competitive advantage. (All)

Communication audit
A communication audit is a snapshot of an organisation's communication strategies, activities and programmes. It assesses the effectiveness and credibility of current communication across all mediums, including publications, website, intranet, blogs, and face-to-face communication. Evaluation is constantly needed through processes such as observation, analysis, focus groups, interviews, surveys of employees and key audiences to improve communication, understanding and collaboration. (Intermediate/Advanced)

Communication strategy
‘Strategy’ is a word of military origin, and refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. If we look at business and specifically the business of communication, one can see that having a well crafted and adaptable communication strategy is essential to business survival in the age of reputation and knowledge management. (Intermediate/Advanced)

Creative writing for the media
Writing for the media is one of the most essential functions of the public relations professional. It is all about writing excellent English copy for the various media options. This three day workshop is designed to give delegates the theory in a highly interactive way. Participants will also be exposed to planning and managing media conferences, compiling media kits and dealing with the media from an organisational perspective.(Basic/Refresher)

Crisis communication management
‘Perception’ is key to handling any crisis situation because it influences the actions and responses of all stakeholders. Learn how to put a crisis plan in place to ensure that there will be open and consistent communication to contribute to a successful crisis communication process. With particular reference to social media, delegates will be guided through the possible risk and solutions. (All)

CSI for public relations
CSI is an important function in positioning a company as truly South African. It is about contributing to the real needs of communities in which a business operates. Taking social responsibility seriously in order to make a sustainable contribution to the development and well being of all, will help you see CSI as an extension of public relations activities. This workshop investigates the importance of developing CSI initiatives. (All)

Digital strategy for public relations
This two day workshop follows on from the Social media and content marketing session. Learn about search engine optimisation, gaining a foothold on owned versus earned coverage. Also gain the know how to analyse your reach and awareness. (All)

Effective media release writing
The definition of publicity is defined as: "Information with a news value, designed to advance the interests of a place, cause or institution, usually appearing in print." Come and learn the art of writing an effective media release and become strategic in your approach by using your news to its best effect and get it published. (Basic/Intermediate)

Essential media relations
The workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to approach the media professionally, and with confidence. It addresses strategies to increase the success rate when selling stories. The content of this workshop will cover both theory and practical tips to guide you towards developing and maintaining sound working relationships with members of the print and broadcast media. (All)

Ethics for PR
Professionalisation of the public relations industry is vitally important. Ethical conduct is an integral part of being a professional. This workshop addresses elements of King III and updates with the introduction of King IV in line with the industry Code of Ethics and how to use these tools to enhance your professional standing.(All)

Government relations
This one-day workshop is for anyone who wants to obtain a practical understanding of government relations. With the emerging influence of social media, government relations has taken a new course. Government and public officials are now frequently using social media as channels and platforms to engage with the public and stakeholders. It is thus important to attend this workshop to develop a government relations engagement approach. (All)

How to launch your public relations career
Get tips for writing your CV and preparing for job interviews. This workshop aims to provide you with a toolbox of tips needed to prepare a CV that gets noticed. Learn to draft tailor-made cover letters, as well as enhance your skills when preparing for job interviews. Join us on this workshop to embark on your public relations journey. (Basic/Students)

Internal communication management
Effective internal communication is a very reliable tool in securing the support and loyalty of employees. It is, therefore, important for the business communicator to be able to design relevant internal communication strategies and execute them successfully. (All)

Marketing fundamentals for public relations
This workshop is designed to introduce delegates to the principles of marketing and to give insights and provide examples of the practical application of marketing tools. It will provide delegates with an adequate base to move on to the practical application of marketing – through objective analysis and development of appropriate strategies and marketing plans. (Basic/Intermediate)

Measurement and evaluation
For professionals who want to take an in-depth look at media campaign measurement and evaluation in line with current international best practice. You will leave having a thorough knowledge of the latest and best practice information to apply to all components of a campaign, not only to media publicity. (All)

Media Analysis
Media analysis is a skill that all communication professionals need to use on a constant basis. This interactive workshop will give you the tools to understand the principles of analysis and enable you to measure media efficiently and strategically. (Intermediate/Advanced)

Come and learn how to compose a photo and create the desired effect and impact through just a click of the finger. No more out-of-focus moments or cluttered meaningless backgrounds. This workshop is very informative and promises to be exciting and fun-filled at the same time. Maximise the effect of all your communication. (All)

The key ingredient to a successful pitch is clever and thorough preparation. Then, rethinking your approach to pitching can maximise your success. This half day workshop will give you tips and hints on how to hone your skills to achieve the desired results. (Basic/Refresher)

Presentation skills
Delegates are given the essential tools to create a presentation. They are then taught to add impact and authority to their presentations. The practical session helps to master voice control, the impact of body language, preparation of visual aids and the management of hostile questions. It teaches you to make that connection with your audience right from the start and to set the stage for the rest of your presentation. (Basic/Intermediate/Refresher)

Principles of layout and design
Media-intensive messages and information overload are part of everyday life. This workshop will provide delegates with information on the principles needed to maximise the impact of various communication methods and assist with arranging individual elements, such as text and graphics, in an eye-catching way. (Basic/Intermediate/Refresher)

Professional event management
The focus for this workshop includes a range of event management issues including strategic alignment with business objectives, operational planning, implementation, risk management, and evaluation and measurement. Delegates will be equipped with the skills to plan, implement and manage events from both a strategic and a tactical perspective. (Basic/Intermediate)

Proofreading and editing
Media and public relations writers know only too well how easy it is to overlook one's own errors. Without meticulous editing and proofreading, many a well-intended article has landed in the editor's rubbish bin. Come and learn the finer tricks of the trade from a highly experienced editor and proofreader and see the quality of your writing improve. (Basic/Refresher)

Protection of intellectual property and personal information
This is the ideal workshop for the small business owner. Learn how to minimise your risks by drawing up well–written documents and contracts such as non-disclosure agreements, employee agreements, MOU’s and so on. Protect yourself and your clients by gaining knowledge on compliance issues. (All)

Reputation management
This one day workshop reflects on the traditional views on reputation management before switching the focus to the impact that the Web has on organisational reputation. It will assist you in understanding the basics and to get started on a new, dynamic road to reputation management.  You will learn to analyse where Reputational Risk lies and how to manage the risks. (All)

Social media and content marketing
This is a two-day workshop for anyone who is interested in using social media in a public relations or marketing context. The course is practical with lots of case studies. Bring along your laptop with an internet connection, your smart phone and any questions you may have. (All)

Speech and script writing
This workshop will give tips on how to incorporate different techniques for different target audiences.  It also covers the use of story-telling and anecdotes in creating engaging scripts. Join your fellow professionals and become adept at the art of writing good scripts and memorable speeches at this intensive one-day workshop. (Basic/Intermediate/Refresher)

Stakeholder engagement and management
Entering into dialogue and listening to stakeholders has become important to strategic initiatives across the entire organisation. This workshop will ensure that you are better equipped to plan and implement public relations and communication strategies by applying globally accepted practice principles and will assist you to engage stakeholders in a more structured and inclusive way. (Intermediate/Advanced)

Successful business writing skills
A written document is often the clients initial contact point with your company. So, it is vitally important to be able to write professionally. Public relations professionals not only facilitate this communication, they also generate the messages and the content of this corporate communication. To get a clearer understanding of what business writing entails, attend PRISA’s three - day in depth workshop which is interactive and informative.  (Basic/Refresher)

Value of research and how to optimise it
This one-day workshop will enable you to formulate your research strategy to determine the impact of public relations campaigns and to calculate your return on investment. The workshop is highly interactive and you need to bring along a calculator as well as examples of your own projects.

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