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10 Reasons


There are many varied and valid reasons for a public relations professional, regardless of the industry to which you belong, to become a member of the recognised industry body, PRISA. After much consideration and many conversations, these are the most popular reasons for membership:

  1. Share challenges and successes: Networking and interacting with likeminded individuals brings about conversations that are stimulating. Discover how others PR’s are coping with the same challenges that you are. How another PR has handled a potential crisis or difficult client can help tremendously to adjust your approach. Sharing in the success of another PR can inspire and energise you to also aim for greatness. It is through shared storytelling that we glean tips and hints of how to handle our daily tasks more efficiently and reminds us of the reasons that we chose public relations as a career – it’s all about people.  
  1. Broaden your view: Getting on with the daily ‘to do list’ on the job can keep us focussed on tiny details. This narrow view can blind our general perspective and cause us to forget the bigger moments and the bigger picture. A conversation with another PR who focuses regularly on a different aspect of the profession can inspire and help you to review the bigger picture once again.

Click here for a list of other PRISA members.

  1. Become inspired by learning new facts and hearing a different perspective. Attending workshops and events which take you out of the office, can help to change your point of view. We all have moments when what we have been doing is no longer working. As the saying goes, ‘you need to change something to get a different result’. If you do the same thing over and over in exactly the same way, you will get the same result. So, learn something new at a CPD workshop. Working through the practical exercises in the classroom with someone else can help to change your way of doing things and lead to new positive results.
  1. Increase your knowledge  by  attending workshops, seminars and conferences. These opportunities give you access to experts in their field. Whether you are just actively listening or participating in a panel or round table discussion, engaging with an industry expert is always a positive experience. This positively impact your career and increase your effectiveness. You win and your client wins!

Click here for a list of networking events and CPD workshops.

  1. Expand your contacts. Someone always knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows an excellent caterer, events planner or digital and social media guru. Engaging the services of a recommended service provider is always less risky than obtaining the info via Google and having to find out by trial and error that the service promised is way under par.  
  1. Access the latest research.  Professional bodies and academics always work together which means that you as a member gain the benefit from fresh and credible research. Academics need a platform to deliver unpublished research and the annual conference held by PRISA is an excellent platform for this. PRISA members will be able to access this years’ conference research papers shortly. 
  1. Join forces to create change. A single and lone voice seldom achieves much in the face of much noise and clutter. A collective effort however, can bring about much change as it gains attention. So, lobby your professional body to take up the cause and help you.
  1. Grow your career with guidance from your professional body. There are various levels of membership to acknowledge how far you have come. There are also options for growth in order to achieve the next level. PRISA has three SAQA recognised designations: Public Relations Practitioner (PRP), Chartered Public Relations Practitioner (CPRP) and Accredited in Public Relations (APR). Click here for information on the PRogressions programme to find out more.

  1. Raise your voice to better the industry and further its goals. The main purpose of an industry professional body is to serve you, the member. So, we need you to raise your voice to draw our attention to areas of the industry that need change. How do we know what effect a trend is having on the ground? We need you to tell us. The Jumpstart initiative was birthed through conversations with young talent stating the need for mentorship and networking events that addressed issues that newly qualified PR’s grapple with.

  1. Do some good! If you have reached the top of your game, it is time to give back. What better way to do this, than to mentor an up and coming PR professional.  Or, sponsor an intern to enable him or her to gain much needed work based skills. Professional bodies consistently get requests from students to provide internship opportunities. Through the endorsement of qualifications PRISA can be a conduit to connect you with these much needed opportunities.

Help to professionalise the future of the industry by encouraging a colleague to become a member today.

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