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By Nomshado Lubisi  ( COMSA President)

The Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) invited the Communication Students Association (COMSA) executives from UNISA to attend their Measurement and Evaluation workshop held on the 1st of March 2016. As students most of us were anxious as we did not know what to expect from the workshop. All we could do was compile all the theory we have learned to date in our minds in order to be able to apply this knowledge at the workshop. At our arrival the room was filled with vibrant communication and marketing experts from various organisations, which challenged our way of thinking and allowed us to use this platform to learn more about the practical side of the industry.

“In every industry, Communication plays a vital role internally and externally. Every element that comes into play during the content production is essential to achieving the expected outcome”, were my thoughts half way through the Measurement and Evaluation Workshop lead by Daniel Munslow. Mr Daniel Munslow introduced different frameworks which can be used to assess and evaluate the various communication methodologies used to reach and impact the target market. With his international and local experience he was able to highlight the specific areas which need work, and applaud the areas where we as South African communicators, are up to date.

As a student, the various exercises that were done using the principles Munslow introduced, helped me think with a different perspective and dissect each stage that comes into play when initiating a project. It taught me that the creativity area and business area of communication are connected to one another. The COMSA executives were able to learn how to implement the measuring and evaluating methods within our industry in order to have effective way of achieving our outcome goals. The knowledge taken from this workshop can be used not only in the present but also in the future as we start our career journey. As an aspiring Communication Practitioner, the workshop motivated me to keep learning more, and made me realise that my role in this industry is important enough to challenge myself to learn more and think differently.

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