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His 20-year career has seen him facilitating trans-continental campaigns that led to global projects into Ghana, DRC, Kenya, Nigeria and Namibia. Chris is constantly and consistently working with the media industry both locally and internationally.

His work experience has seen him collaborate with major local and international PR consultancies as well as running his own communication consultancy for over four years. His clientele ranges from local and international listed and unlisted companies.

Chris says “I am by nature a communicator of information with a passion for media, entertainment, pop culture, and technology. My passions have allowed my professional skill sets to thrive in the ability to connect brands to their audiences through strategic and innovative communication channels and messages. 

I believe PRISA should be spearheading the initiative to ensure African-based consultancies get the business; and not our global cousins. Our position at the tip of Africa is our gateway which should give us a competitive advantage in understanding the continent, especially as more and more international brands hit our shores looking for representation up North.

My intent is to instil a new way of thinking that will complement the already existing structures and processes enhancing leanness, efficiency and dynamism”.

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