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The conversation between you, our members and PRISA is ongoing……

This year PRISA commissioned researchers to assess the opinion of you, our valued members. Next year the conversation will continue with more intensified engagement with all our members from the various categories.

We are planning to streamline our interaction to only that which is industry significant. So, expect renewed focus on you, our current member and help us support you to build your professional career pathway.

We will be searching for more value propositions that are tangible and of benefit to all members across the country, in an effort to work with you to beat the money crunch.

With more emphasis on regional members, we hope to partner more actively with representatives around the country to bring you constructive networking events and CPD workshop opportunities, seeking out a wider net of communication professionals to foster integration between PR, Marketing and Advertising. By collaborating with other professional bodies and organisations, we can build an inclusive and representative community of professional communicators.

PRISA President Thabisile Phumo APR, has already visited the Limpopo region, with a very successful event where she substantiated PRISA’s 2017 objective; Taking PRISA to the Next Level.

Watch social media for details from National Office on an event in your region and spread the word to other communication professionals. Invite them to join our journey to the next level.

There is a renewed global emphasis on designations and a movement toward regulation and  legislation of our industry. This gives us an opportunity to implement PRogressions, helping you to ensure that you retain your own competitive advantage and always exceed the highest expectations of your clients and employers.

Follow this link for more information on PRogressions, a career programme exclusive to PRISA members.

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