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GroundUp MediaBy Gareth Moll

In ancient times, the storytellers were revered. They were the custodians of history, the innovators of the present and the foretellers of the future. The well-being of the tribe was dependent on their intuition and ability to pass on critical life lessons through their stories.

According to Paul Smith author of ‘Lead with a Story’, the most successful CEOs and businesses are continuing this tradition, driving their success through powerful stories. Storytelling is simple, timeless, and everyone likes a good story. The best stories are contagious, easy to remember, inspirational and appealing.

Think about social media posts that go viral? Behind each post is a story that people want to hear and re-tell. In fact, some of the most seen advertising today is passed on post to post in just this way.

What stories are you telling about yourself, about your brand, about your business?  How are you ensuring that others can easily and simply re-tell your story?

The best told stories all seem to share some common traits. They are entertaining, have some spark of originality, they answer a ‘what if’ question. They provoke a specific emotional response and have a wide appeal. Arguably, the most important quality they share is the ability to get your imagination going into high gear, they have a visual quality about them that is palpable.

At GroundUp Media, we make our story all about telling other peoples stories visually, innovatively and imaginatively. We have run step-for-step alongside Julio Ludago trying to break the record for the fastest ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro and walked side-by-side through the streets of Johannesburg with a young boy who is part of the Cotlands family. We have made two feature films with the Step Up to a Start Up programme to inspire school leavers to become entrepreneurs and we have loved every minute of it. Tell a story. You may just inspire yourself.

Founder of GroundUp Media and Winner of the Maverick Award for Marketing Innovation 2014.

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