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By Lebogang Mashangoane, PRISA intern
The day I was going through my final year registration, I realised I had to do my pre-practical in order to graduate… I found myself lost and confused, I had loads of questions which I had no answers to.

  Lebogang Mashangoane
  Lebogang Mashangoane,
PRISA intern

UNISA expected me to go out there, find a company which would take me in for six months and equip me with knowledge about the public relations and communication industry. I first had to do research on public relations firms. My goal is to someday be a public relations and communication director. My journey has just begun.

I found myself recalling the name PRISA from my public relations study guide in my second year, and I knew that is where I wanted to do my internship. PRISA was my first option because of what it stood for and all the incredible work they do. I knew I had to be affiliated with such a phenomenal organisation. This was an opportunity which will introduce me to the ‘World of Work’ (WOW)

What we should ascertain as students is that, what we learn at varsity isn’t half of what is required from us in the work place. With this said, it is of pivotal importance to gain work experience.

I flooded Adele Paulsen’s inbox with emails and I knew that someday my persistent attitude will not go unnoticed. It was the 18 January 2016 when I received a call from PRISA, requesting me to come in for an interview the following day; I had mixed emotions.

Walking up Bram Fischer Drive that morning, I was a nervous wreck. I walked through the gates of PRISA and I was immediately met by a welcoming smile.  I finally matched the face to the person I was bothering so much over the phone and with emails. When Adele asked me if I was the person PRISA needed, I instantly felt like saying (duh!). I calmed myself down and said “I am that person!” She looked at me and said ‘you’ve got the internship, you can start immediately’. It literally felt like a dream. I am honored to be an intern at PRISA with amazing women to empower me.

My advice to all interns out there would be: life is like a wheelbarrow and nothing will happen until you start pushing. It all starts with the SELF, through hard-work, being indispensable, determination and perseverance. We will all be the professionals we want to be in the WOW!



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