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During a breakfast session hosted by PRISA on 25 May, Mandy Kojetin (Senior Consultant at Atmosphere Communication) presented The International Association of Measurement and Evaluation for Communications (AMEC) Integrated Evaluation Framework.  

This framework assists the communicator to link communication goals and objectives with organisational goals and objectives. The communicator can measure the what (Likes on a Facebook page, number of people at an event, readership statistics) as well as the how (How has your communication changed behaviours and perceptions) and the what (what does your audience respond to, what are their actions based on your communication, what is the impact on the business).  The framework also operationalises the Barcelona Principles to move from principles to actions.  

The best part about this system is the Interactive Tool.  It is a step by step process that takes you from the organisational objectives and communication objectives, all the way to business impact.  The tool converts all your data into a downloadable PDF that sums up your actions and impact in two pages.  

AMEC’s integrated evaluation framework provides a consistent and credible approach that works for organisations of all sizes.  This tool can assist communicators to think, act and manage communication programmes strategically through recording measurable results that contribute to the achievement of the organisation’s goals.  

DevCom is fanatical about measurement.  Business results are the reason we exist.  That is why we attend sessions like this to stay on top of our measurement game. “It is important for any communicator to attend these sessions to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of communication”, says Lize Brand, a senior consultant at DevCom. “The industry is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with the changes to continuously add value in your organisation or for your client”, she continued.

Communicators are often devalued in organisations because they are not in sync with the thinking of senior organisational leaders.  Senior leaders manage people and processes to accomplish the organisation’s mission in ways that can be measured.  Senior leaders base all their decisions on numbers.  To form part of the leadership team as a communicator, you have to demonstrate that you are as concerned about business issues as the leaders are.  

Some organisational leaders will not place a high value on communication when they perceive that communication does not achieve measureable results.  It is the communicators’ job to successfully impart the impact of their communication on the business outcomes to the senior leaders of the organisation.  As soon as the senior leaders understand your impact, they will understand the value communication holds in their operations.  The AMEC Integrated Framework is a great tool used to measure your communication impact in your organisation.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a global trend and communication & public relations professionals around the world are constantly developing and implementing methods for lifelong learning.  The sessions hosted by PRISA are facilitated by a variety of facilitators, each being an expert in their field or topic and these assist the experienced professional by stimulating new thinking or encouraging different approaches.  Click here for a list of topics.

Lize Brand

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