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Like any other growing profession or industry, public relations and communication management is fiercely competitive.  So how do you make sure that you retain your own competitive advantage and always exceed the highest expectations of your clients and employers?

Take control of your own professional future now and register with PRISA's continuing professional development (CPD) scheme PRogressions.  CPD is quite simply any learning you need to be able to do your job as well as possible, or to develop your career.  It is also any development you do for others in the form of mentoring, coaching, part-time lecturing, presenting, research, etc.

PRogressions is not a training course.  It is a programme to help you structure and monitor your own development so you can achieve your goals.  It consists of formal education and training, professional practice and personal development.

What is PRogressions?

PRogressions is a programme that enables public relations and communication professionals to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and then plan and record their development.  It is the systematic updating and development of skills, knowledge and competence which takes place throughout your working life.PRogressions is designed to fit in with your natural career progression, regardless of the sector in which you work or your level of experience.

Continuing - represent a commitment to lifelong learning and growing the profession
Professional - reflects a link to maintaining professionalism
Development - shows it is more than just formal training

PRogressions aims to .....

  • ensure you have the necessary technical knowledge, understanding and skills in keeping with current legislation, practice and technology
  • provide you with the opportunity to also develop the interpersonal and managerial skills you will need to help you in your career
  • help practitioners returning to work after a career break or those whose route to registration differs from the current PRISA career path
  • maintain the confidence of employers and the general public in the standard of the PRISA registration and your professional competence as a PRISA practitioner.

Through commitment to CPD you are developing yourself, your juniors and your profession.  It is a winning formula for success.
CPD targets should not be difficult to achieve. PRogressions involves any activity that enhances or improves an individual's personal and business knowledge and skills.

With PRogressions, professional development is divided into three categories:

  • Professional Practice
  • Education and Training
  • Personal Development

To ensure all-round development, PRISA recommends that you include activities from all three categories throughout your plan.

Why do we need it?

To ensure the future development of our chosen profession - to grow its professionals and the body of knowledge.

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