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Broader Vision

To be the source and voice of excellence that leads the broader communication industry through continuous development of the communication profession and effective strategic collaborations.

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Mission and Goal

Being the foremost member body for the communication profession and promoting communication excellence for the benefit of communities and business in Southern Africa

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Strategic Objectives

  1. Ensuring that professional communication is valued and respected by business and seen as critical to the success of all organisations.
  2. Being the de facto accreditation body representing the broader communication profession.
  3. Delivering research-based thought-leadership, quality-assured education, and accreditation for professionals.
  4. Supporting skills development with relevant Continuous Professional Development and best practices for continuous improvement.
  5. Collaborating with other organisations to build an inclusive and representative community of professional communicators.
  6. Celebrating and highlighting communication excellence.

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Implied Promises to members

  1. The profession will keep developing
  2. The profession is more than just PR
  3. You will be valued and respected
  4. You are important to the success of your clients
  5. You will be recognised for the professional that you are
  6. You will have an edge because you will know stuff
  7. You will get better and better
  8. Your efforts will be noticed

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All registered members of PRISA commit themselves to adhere to the Institute’s Code of Ethics & Professional Standards.

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