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News is a section of this site with fresh, sometimes transient moving topics and invitations to events and news about potential clients looking for PR services. It also hosts a record of media coverage which we think may be of wider public interest. Let us know if the postings are useful, or if not tell us too.

What does PRISA need from its GM..…

  • The general manager is required to lead PRISA and the Head Office (HO) and develop the member structurers to better serve the interest of the individual, the agency and the corporate membership body.
  • Achieving and retraining the accreditation of educational programmes and member designations is essential in providing value to PRISA members. The Board will assist the GM in achieving this and other core objectives.The GM will represent PRISA in the PR sector in southern Africa, recognizing the practical implications of the multi-national and regional structure of PRISA and it as the SAQA recognized professional body for the PR industry in the region.
  • The GM will be responsible for corporate governance and should therefore have a thorough understanding of regulations and standards in managing a ‘Not for Profit Company’ (NPC’s).
  • The GM should be in a position to advise the Board, and the Chapters in the regions to operate with full compliance of the corporate governance standard. The participation of the GM in various bodies will include regulatory structures such as SAQA and The Services SETA.
  • PRISA seeks a person to drive innovative and high-quality offerings in PRISA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes in the subcontinent.

Interested? Who are you and what excites your working ethic ..…

  • The role requires you to have people centric skills and a positive solution orientated mentality to enable the delivery of quality services from a motivated team of employees and volunteers.
  • The candidate will preferably have had relevant PR experience at management level, HR and financial competencies and the appropriate qualifications to lead the organisation with confidence and pride.
  • Operating a business-like NPC or a consultancy and having a hands-on track record will be an attribute.

Want to take your career somewhere challenging and interesting and put your talents and experience to good use for your PRISA? Do it, send your CV to Louise@prisa.co.za as soon as possible.

Candidate applications will be reviewed on the basis of the submissions received, and a short list compiled. PRISA may engage candidates directly to complete an application form and iro the package offered to discuss contract conditions with a view to arriving at a mutually acceptable understanding about job content criteria and working hours.

PRISA is an NPC and salary conditions are aligned to this sector and the circumstances PRISA operates in.

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Capability Framework for PR

At the recent World Public Relations Festival (WPRF) held in Oslo, Norway, the results of an international research project commissioned by the Global Alliance (GA), have been presented to PR practitioners and academics. Numerous countries - through their professional associations and leading universities - embarked upon this global project.

The research objective was to produce a capabilities framework for public relations and communication management practitioners across the world.

Although there is global alignment with regards to certain capabilities, individual country frameworks have also been investigated. Prof. Ronel Rensburg stated, “I have been the coordinator for South Africa and would like to personally thank all of the PRISA members who have participated in this very important project. We include the global summary for your perusal here. If you are interested in the full South African research report, you are welcome to contact me and I will send it to you” ronel.rensburg@up.ac.za

Left to right: Daniel Munslow, Prof Ronel Rensburg, Prof Mervyn King (keynote speaker at the conference), Dalien Rene Benecke.
PRISA thanks its members for attending at their own cost.