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Capability Framework for PR

At the recent World Public Relations Festival (WPRF) held in Oslo, Norway, the results of an international research project commissioned by the Global Alliance (GA), have been presented to PR practitioners and academics. Numerous countries - through their professional associations and leading universities - embarked upon this global project.

The research objective was to produce a capabilities framework for public relations and communication management practitioners across the world.

Although there is global alignment with regards to certain capabilities, individual country frameworks have also been investigated. Prof. Ronel Rensburg stated, “I have been the coordinator for South Africa and would like to personally thank all of the PRISA members who have participated in this very important project. We include the global summary for your perusal here. If you are interested in the full South African research report, you are welcome to contact me and I will send it to you” ronel.rensburg@up.ac.za

Left to right: Daniel Munslow, Prof Ronel Rensburg, Prof Mervyn King (keynote speaker at the conference), Dalien Rene Benecke.
PRISA thanks its members for attending at their own cost.